Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Ultimate Cross Game PvP

Carbine and Blizzard today announced an event bigger than any ever attempted between two rival gaming companies...

Cross Game PvP Battlegrounds
World of Warcraft vs Wildstar

This promises to be huge! Apparently, the Horde joins up with the Dominion to help pound some sense into those Exile scum. But the Alliance answers the call and brings their forces to help defend their sister faction. The fate of two worlds, Azeroth and Nexus are in the players hands. Beta testing will begin before Wildstar is even released! I can't wait! My spellslinger is gonna eat mages for breakfast. How awesome will it be to see a Granok and Orc warriors go head to head.  This is nothing short of fantastic!

On a serious note, Virika added her Quickstart Guide to Wildstar in the pages section to the right to the tabs above. We welcome any comments or suggestions. She'll put up a more advanced intro to the dungeons, adventures and PvP later.

Happy April Fools Day!


  1. This would be more believable if you had teamed Dominion with Alliance, and Exiles with Horde. You are confusing faction color with faction flavor. Weak April Fool's.

    1. heh, V said the same thing about factions... I guess I was thinking of the Horde under Garrosh from the pics I cut out to make it. However wasn't going for believable either, just hoping people would chuckle. Thanks for your comments though!