Sunday, June 15, 2014

6 Secrets you need to know about Skill Amps in Wildstar

  1. You need to obtain and learn items in the game called Skill Amps to unlock skills (talents) in the second and third tiers of your Amps tree. 
  2. You can buy Skill Amps from reputation vendors but beware- they are soulbound! Don’t buy more than one, because you will not be able to sell or trade them and you will lose gold selling them back the vendor (learned the hard way).
  3. You can buy Skill Amps from the Commodities Exchange.  However, even if you cannot afford the price listed, you might consider putting in a Buy Order for less to see if someone more reasonable will sell it to you, I have had luck this way.
  4. You can make a little silver buy buying underpriced Skill Amps on the Commodities Exchange! By mousing over the item you can see the vendor price- I have seen many selling for less than the vendor price.  It is not much gain but if you can afford it, you can increase your bank by buying and selling them.
  5. When you complete a Challange, especially if the other options are not useful,  the Salvaged items box sometimes contains Skill Amps that might be useful or sold on the Commodities Exchange for a profit.
  6. Keep in mind, you should focus on the Amps that you need for your primary spec, don't waste gold on Amps you won't use!  
Hope you find these secrets useful!  I have not had much time to play Wildstar as I might like- my dad had a very successful bypass surgery, my sister visited from Oregon,  my Grandma turned 90 and a good friend had a baby shower.  Besides all that, I am finding it hard to level by myself; Gubjub is off at his summer camp job.  But I will keep at it and hopefully I can find some time to play with my old WOW friends Dryss and Derentis who have joined me on the server!
We would love to hear about any other secrets you have discovered!


  1. Nice thanks for the pointers!
    Hope your dad have a fast recovery!

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