Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pros & Cons of Playing An MMO With Your Significant Other

Virka and I have had tons of fun playing Wildstar.  Playing together is a great experience. Someone I work with asked about what it's like to game with her and this list and this just kinda formed in my head...

Top 10 Pros & Cons Of
Playing An MMO With
Your Significant Other

*Please excuse any vague, confusing or biased pronouns. This was written based on our experience but we think the ideas expressed are possibly universal for any and all gaming couples.

1.  You work well as a team and you always have someone to help you kill the tough baddies.
1. It’s easy to overlook guild chat and miss out on other social opportunities because you attention is focused on the person sitting at the desk next to you.
2. You can brag about your spouse’s game prowess to your friends and guildies.  Gamers are sexy chic nowadays… or at least that’s what we’ve been telling ourselves.
2. The logs show that your special someone did twice as much healing as you did on that heroic boss encounter.  It doesn’t show that you had extra responsibilities and besides, everyone knows disc is OP!
3. You have someone to watch your back in PvP.
3. It sucks that she’s better at PvP than you are…
4. It is easy to discuss strategies quickly and negotiate different tactics against difficult objectives.
4. They’ll have no problem reminding you that you were supposed to be healing them just then.
5. You have someone who kinda has to lend you gold to buy that mount.
5. You kinda have to lend them gold to buy that mount they want.
6. You can offer each other constructive criticism and help each other become better players.
6. Your significant other often sounds mighty arrogant when they are telling what you are doing wrong.  They obviously think you are stupid and you are not going to take this one lying down!
7. You have someone to do those silly holiday events with.
7. You have to do all those silly holiday events no matter how lame they are.
8. You are probably going to get some the night you down that big raid boss that’s been wiping you for weeks.
8. You probably aren’t getting any the night you spend wiping to that tough raid boss… she/he most likely has a headache.
9. Someone is always around that you can discuss the upcoming patch with, all the new features, and the great new add-on you are excited about. 
9. You spend so much time talking about and playing the game that dishes are piling up in the kitchen and the house is a wreck.  Also, it’s your turn to scoop the kitty litter.
10. It’s great to have a hobby you both enjoy.  You are more likely to enjoy more facets of the game as you explore it together.
10. Your spouse sometimes embarrasses you in front of your guild by showing them silly videos from your college days like this one where you are the girl in the polka dot dress: Watch the Demonessa trailer:

And remember that no matter how well you and your special someone game together, it can sometimes feel like this.  If you haven’t seen this video, you must watch it now!

It's Not About The Nail was written and directed by Jason Headley.  
It stars Monica Barbaro and Jason Headley.


  1. This is pretty much the reason why my hubby and I start so many MMO's together... and end up realizing we're not really playing them together anymore. We each get caught up in our own things, usually having different goals. His are usually more PvP-oriented, mine, PvE.

    #s 4, 5, and 6 reign very true for us. We've had to stop playing certain games together because of con #6 -- what should be taken as constructive & helpful, just pushes the others' buttons and to their ears has a more arrogant and unpleasant tone. It's like when you say, "it's only a game..." to someone who takes their gaming very seriously (especially a very methodical army veteran playing an FPS)... it only makes them more upset.

  2. LOL. "It's not about the nail" never gets old.

    And in your list, a definite yes to cons #1, 5, 9, and pros #1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10... ;) Though I think mine is getting pissed at me for ranting about WS so much - he REALLY wants to play it, but his PC is a toaster and he's still pretty much in the WoW camp. More freedom for me! :D

    - Jaedia

  3. Great list (and video links)! For my wife and I the Pros have definitely far outweighed the Cons over the past six years. We went through #5 (mounts) just today!

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